Group Classes

Join our class and prepare to love your birth.


Led by Certified Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner, Nikki Afu. Located at the Grace Private Consulting suites.

Group Classes

  • $600 for 12 hour course.
  • Small group classes, maximum 6 couples per group
  • From 9am – 4pm and Held over 2 Saturdays
  • High Tea provided – Catered by Gold Coast Private Hospital
  • Please contact Grace Private to book your class.


  • 18th and 25th January
  • 22nd and 29th February
  • 21st and 28th March
  • 18th and 25th April
  • 23rd and 30th May
  • 20th and 27th June
  • Our classes are fun, informative, interactive, and evidence based.
  • All participants are provided with a professionally printed Folio of resources. In addition to this, you receive several professionally recorded Australian accent practice tracks, and eBook to support you in your preparation for your positive birth.
  • Hypnobirthing classes are structures in such a way that the birth partner is encouraged to attend. In saying this, if you are attending the classes on your own, that is completely fine, I will step in as your support person during the course.
  • If you have any questions regarding the course, please contact me.

Hypnobirthing Australia Course Outline

Here is an outline of what we cover in our Hypnobirthing Australia™ classes.

  • Introduction to the positive mindset of hypnobirthing
  • How our brain is wired to birth
  • The role of our caregivers
  • Mind/body connection
  • What is self-hypnosis and how will we use it for birthing?
  • Our hormones are our friends
  • My amazing uterus – understanding the physiology behind birthing
  • Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome
  • Causes of Fear (including history) and how it affects our labour
  • Re-programming the Subconscious
  • The language for empowered birthing
  • The power of affirmations
  • Birthing environment
  • Self-hypnosis tracks
  • Birth music
  • Conditioning with scent
  • Hypnotic anchors and triggers
  • Releasing endorphins through massage and touch
  • Acupressure techniques for pregnancy, birth & breastfeeding
  • Visualisations for pregnancy, labour & birthing
  • The importance of facial relaxation
  • Relaxation Breathing – a skill for life
  • Surge Breathing – the best tool ever!
  • Techniques to help make your surges more comfortable
  • The ‘urge’ to push/bear down – Breathing/Bearing down
  • Bonding with baby
  • Choices in maternity care
  • Birth Preferences – having open communication with your caregivers
  • Knowledge is power – researching common interventions and procedures
  • Questions to ask, to assist in making informed decisions
  • Birth partner as advocate
  • ‘Guess date’ – a normal range of pregnancy
  • Inductions – things you’re not always told
  • Achieving a natural start to labour
  • Maintaining a healthy diet
  • Preparing the body – staying active
  • Optimising baby’s position
  • Breech or Posterior – options & positions
  • Instant relaxation techniques
  • Self-hypnosis, meditation and deep relaxation techniques & scripts
  • What to expect in the weeks and days leading up to birth
  • Signs that labour is starting
  • What to expect through labour (membranes releasing etc)
  • When to call the midwife/go to the hospital
  • Accidental home/car birth – what to do!
  • Birth partner’s role
  • Common procedures
  • Using water during labour and birth
  • Upright positioning, movement and birth positions
  • Special circumstances (including caesarean birth)
  • Fear release
  • Vocalisation
  • Cord clamping & placenta delivery
  • Undisturbed bonding & breastfeeding time – skin to skin
  • What to expect afterwards
  • Self-hypnosis – Rehearsal for Birth
  • A practice routine – preparation for birth!